Rental Property Depreciation Appraisals

Depreciation Consultants works with Property Investors
and related property professionals, especially accountants,
to provide cost effective
Depreciation Reports

This allows you to correctly work out how much depreciation you can claim in your tax returns so as to minimize your tax liability and improve the cash-flow for your property. These reports are sometimes referred to generically as “chattel valuations” or “depreciation appraisals”.    
Most rental property owners and many property related professionals don’t realise that you can still claim a depreciation expense in your tax return for “chattels” and other property “fit-out” that is not considered by IRD part of the building. This includes most outside assets such as fences and driveways.
From 2011 the government reduced the depreciation rate on “buildings” from 4% to 0% as they don’t generally go down in value.  Many people, including media commentators, still fail to understand is that all the other property depreciation rates stayed much the same. IRD’s new 3-Step Test clarified what was part of the building and what wasn’t.
The director of Depreciation Consultants has been involved in the industry for over 12 years. He has personally been involved in the property inspection and production of over 5000 Depreciation Assessments for Property Investors. We understand the rules and help you claim the correct and maximum depreciation allowance so that you don’t pay more tax than required.

Depreciation is an expense allowance for the loss in value caused by wear and tear, age and obsolescence of the chattels and fit-out of your rental property. For every dollar that you claim as a depreciation expense you will save up to 33 cents in tax liability (the amount will depend on your actual marginal tax rate).

Depreciation Consultants recommend that you use property related advisors that specialise and understand the requirements of Property Investors.