Rental Property Depreciation Appraisals

Single Tenancy Dwellings $399 (Incl GST)
Multiple Tenancy Dwellings $399 for first + $199 for each extra tenancy ($99 if identical to previous one). (Incl GST)
 Furniture list
$99 up to 20 items, $199 for 20-50 and $299 for 50+. (Incl GST)
Fees for commercial/industrial properties depend on their type,size and complexity. The minimum fee is $599 + GST. We will quote a fee before acceptance once we know all the details. Please ask.

Included within Auckland Council Boundary (excluding islands), then 99cents/km beyond boundary may be charged.
No Access Fee
$99 may be charged if we fail to gain full access at the appointed time due to no fault of our own.
If your tax saving in the first 12 months doesn’t more than cover
our fee, then you will pay nothing.* 
Depreciation Consultants reserve the right not to accept a booking where we believe the property details indicate that the guarantee
will be invoked.
*Tax saving based on marginal tax rate of 33%, tax deductibility
of our fee and Diminishing Value depreciation rates used.